Global Girlhood: Wisconsin to the World!

September 2020

Global Girlhood Poster

Global Girlhood: Wisconsin to the World!


  • Melissa Collum, Viterbo University & UW-La Crosse
  • Jodi Eastberg, Alverno College
  • Stephanie Salgado from Honduras
  • Juweriya Hassen from Somalia


Despite the progress on gender equality that has been made around the world, girls still face significant barriers to equal rights and opportunities. Many of these inequalities have been exacerbated by the current global pandemic. This workshop will highlight the current status of girls in Wisconsin and around the world and provide strategies and resources for incorporating global girlhood topics into the K-12 classroom.

Co-sponsored by the Institute for Regional and International Studies at UW-Madison, the Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies and Institute of World Affairs at UW-Milwaukee, and Alverno College.


Slide presentation from Melissa Collum

Slide presentation from Jodi Eastberg

Julie Vang from Green Card Voices shared some resources for our participants:

Story Stitch, Virtual Story Stitch, Facilitator Training

Story Stitch was co-created by 70 community members to serve as a guided storytelling activity that connects and builds empathy between people of different cultural backgrounds, through the art of storytelling. Due to COVID-19, Story Stitch has been co-created again to a virtual version with additional questions. While Virtual Story Stitch can be played by groups of people on their own, our experience has shown that the best results come when the circles are facilitated by a trained facilitator. A 5-hour long training is provided by Green Card Voices through Zoom or Teachable E-Course.

Learn more:

Green Card STEM Voices Teaching Guide/Curriculum (Grades 6-12, College)

For this Curriculumwe are very honored that we were ultimately able to showcase the three out of twenty storytellers who are featured in the Green Card STEM Voices book and now included in this Teaching Guide: Fadumo Yusuf an Ethiopian-born Somali Mechanical Engineer and Writer, Itoro Emmanuel Nigerian-born nurse from Central Minnesota, and Thai Chang, a Hmong refugee living in St. Paul who works for the Science Museum in Minnesota as an Exhibit Fabricator.

Learn more:

Voices of Immigrant Storytellers Teaching Guide/Curriculum (Grades 6-12)

This unique teaching guide utilizes the perspectives of modern-day immigrants from Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Our diverse storytellers demonstrate the wide range of occupations and immigration statuses within the current immigrant community. Our lessons engage all five senses through explorations of multicultural food and music while keeping personal storytelling at its core.

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