Bethany Wilinski

Credentials: Ethiopia

2012 SKJ Fellow

Bethany Wilinski is a doctoral student pursuing a joint degree in Educational Policy Studies and Curriculum & Instruction, with a master’s from Columbia University Teachers College. Prior to pursing her doctoral degree, Bethany taught primary school in the U.S. and Tanzania and conducted research and teacher training workshops in Tanzania. Bethany’s doctoral research will examine early childhood education policy in the U.S. and Tanzania. She is interested in exploring how global conceptualizations of early childhood education translate to diverse local settings. In summer 2012, Bethany will work as an intern for USAID in Ethiopia, where she will assist with an education project focused on facilitating home-school connections for children orphaned and made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS, and experience which will contribute to Bethany’s understanding of issues in international education and the implementation of education programs in developing contexts.

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