Sachin Tuli

Sachin Tuli, Faculty Associate at the School of Business, teaches courses in international business and global marketing. During his years at UW-Madison, he has led international business seminars to China, India, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam. Mr. Tuli has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, as well as a Master’s in Higher Education Administration, from UW-Madison. He is affiliated with the Center for South Asia. Before joining UW, he worked as a business analyst responsible for churn management, pricing and new products at Verizon Wireless and as a marketing associate at the Consulate General of India in Chicago.

An interview with Sachin

What classes do you teach? 

I currently teach Introduction to International Business and Global Marketing Strategy at the undergraduate level, and Business in the Global Economy for the MBA. I also regularly lead global business immersion courses with embedded short-term overseas components.

Which are your favorite classes to teach? Why? 

Both my bi-cultural upbringing and a stint working in trade promotion sparked my interest in the field of international business. As an instructional faculty member, my primary responsibilities are teaching, advising and administration for the International Business major, and service. I don’t have a favorite course as much as a favorite element, which I try to create in all my courses: real-time application of course material to current events, including case assignments. This brings about the most engagement to everyone in the course, including me.

Have you found that your students are generally interested in learning about other parts of the world?

Absolutely. In recent years, more incoming students (and their families) are asking about international education, our international business major and study abroad. Pre-college programs like Business Emerging Leaders (BEL) are including international business in the curriculum, so students are arriving better prepared and more interested in global affairs and business in a multinational context.

What languages do you speak?

I have a love for languages, but my skills and fluency have suffered from lack of practice in recent years. I was born in north-central India, and Hindi was my first language, but I was still a child when my parents immigrated to the U.S. My comprehension in Hindi is stronger than my speaking ability. Through middle school, high school and college, I studied French, and I studied abroad in Grenoble, France for a summer during my undergraduate studies. Having lived in Mexico for almost a year at one point, I picked up basic Spanish, which was facilitated by my background in French.

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