Nancy Rydberg

Credentials: Uganda

2012 SKJ Fellow

Nancy Rydberg is a doctoral candidate pursuing a joint degree in Educational Policy Studies and Development Studies. She has a Masters in Development Management and Public Policy from Georgetown University, and she has conducted previous research on public policy and programming surrounding the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After completing her Masters work, Nancy worked for the Refugee Youth and Family Program where she helped refugee youth and their parents navigate the public school system in Tampa, Florida. Nancy also worked as Case Coordinator for the Florida Center for Survivors of Torture, where she assisted persons who had experienced state sanctioned violence access social services. Her current research focuses on how war, forced migration, displacement and war-related poverty relate to gendered changes in the material and social circumstances of communities living in northern Uganda. This summer she plans to record life histories of women and men from different generations in order to gain perspective on gendered changes in processes of social reproduction and access to material and social resources.

Check out Nancy’s summer fieldwork experience in Northern Uganda here.