Alexander Nading

Credentials: Nicaragua

2006 SKJ Fellow

Alex Nading is a graduate student in the Department of Anthropology at the UW-Madison, with a Masters in the Anthropology of Development and Social Transformation from the University of Sussex, Brighton, UK. His personal and academic interests are in environmental justice, the transnational proliferation of toxic waste, and the effects of toxic wastes on public health. Alex will work as an intern and researcher in the Department of Epidemiology at the Hospital Sandino in Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua. He will help design a toxic-waste and health module for the clients of the hospital, which serves a community whose environment has been particularly affected by industrial wastes. This experience will allow Alex to make a direct contribution to public health solutions in urban Nicaragua, and it will also give him a chance to formulate his long-term research questions about the exchange of knowledge in environmental and public health policy.

You can view Alex’s fellowship report here.