Francisco Hernández Moleres

Credentials: France

2023 SKJ Fellow

Francisco Hernández Moleres is a PhD student in the department of History researching Spanish immigration in Southern France between 1937 and 1980. He has previously studied French literature at the University of Mississippi and wrote his MA thesis at UW-Madison about French left-wing politics in the 1970s. Over the last year, he has worked as an intern at the UW-Madison Archives Oral History Project, learning audio editing software, digital archive curation, and interviewing skills. This summer, Francisco plans to spend five weeks in archives in Southern France (in Pau and Toulouse), and three weeks in Nanterre (a suburb of Paris). In these locations, he has identified recorded oral history interviews, as well as press, correspondence, and government records that will help him research networks of communication for refugees in 20th-century Europe.

Read Francisco Hernández Moleres fellowship report here