Nick Lally

Credentials: United Kingdom

2017 SKJ Fellow

Nick Lally is a geographer, artist, and computer programmer with research interests in software studies, social movements, visual epistemology, social and spatial theory, science and technology studies, and feminist thought. His work describes the role of software in constructing the world through its material entanglements with social, political, and economic systems. He is currently a PhD student in the Department of Geography at UW–Madison where he studies the ever-tightening coupling of political processes with software and builds software to produce speculative visualizations of non-Euclidean spaces. In his summer research, made possible through the generous support of the Scott Kloeck-Jenson Fellowship, he will travel to London to study the production of software tools created to securitize against future risks to the city. Through interviews, ethnographic methods, and archival research, Nick will study how this resilience software is produced and how it makes the world and future legible in particular ways.

Read Nick Lally’s fellowship report here.