Kevin Inks

Credentials: India

2020 SKJ Fellow

Kevin Inks is a graduate student in the Department of Geography at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In the course of earning degrees in economics and geography at the Ohio State University, he completed undergraduate research on the political ecology of dam construction in the Himalaya. His current research interests revolve around disaster management, social justice, political ecology, and how states and policymakers understand, map, and influence landscapes undergoing rapid change. His Master’s thesis focused on disaster management in the Brahmaputra River Valley, in which communities experience frequent widespread displacement due to flooding and erosion. His research explores how political and bureaucratic decision-making, especially as it relates to mapping, surveying, and land tenure, shapes uneven disaster management outcomes. His other research interests include bureaucratic approaches to shifting landscapes in the Arctic and Mississippi River Delta, as well as the historical cartography of shifting landscapes.