Sarinna Areethamsirikul

Credentials: Indonesia

2006 SKJ Fellow

Sarinna Areethamsirikul, a doctoral candidate in Development Studies with a masters of Public and International Affairs from the University of Pittsburgh, interned on the UN’s human dignity pilot project before deciding to pursue a doctorate. She served as an interpreter during fieldwork and also contributed to the analysis of the role of international organizations in poverty alleviation at the community level. In summer 2006, Sarinna will intern for the Center for Strategic and International Studies in order to earn practitioner experience in policy research that will enhance her future career as a governmental or intergovernmental worker as well as her dissertation work. Her dissertation attempts to analyze political and institutional factors that foster and/or deter regional economic integration as the result of the accessions of the Indo-Chinese countries and Myanmar in ASEAN. The final outcome of the research will aim to improve politico-economic policy coordination and to promote regional economic integration in Southeast Asia.

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