Pulitzer Center Campus Consortium

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  • What is the partnership, other campus partners involved like LACIS
  • All past events
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  • The fellowship 
    • Audrey Thibert and her writing, recipient of the fellowship
    • Next application deadline, info session, etc

(about the pulitzer center)

The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting is an award-winning non-profit journalism organization which engages underreported global affairs by supporting quality international journalism and unique educational and outreach programs. The Pulitzer Center is a bold initiative, in keeping with its deep ties to the family whose name for more than a century has been a watchword for journalistic independence, integrity, and courage. The Center’s educational programs provide students with perspectives  on global issues, help them think critically about the creation and dissemination of news, and inspire them to become active consumers and producers of information.

The Pulitzer Center’s Campus Consortium network connects students and faculty with the most-pressing global issues of our time. The Center’s campus partnerships spark conversations across disciplines, inspire curiosity and compassion, and prepare the next generation of journalists. (Source).

(About the partnership)

The partnership has been led by IRIS NRC  since YEAR, with generous support from campus units:

  • African Studies
  • International Division
  • CALS Global
  • etc

As the lead partner, IRIS NRC works with the Pulitzer Center to bring journalists like Erica Ayisi and NAME for visits to local schools and engaging campus events.

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Reporting Fellowship

Everything you need to know about the fellowship, including info on current open application, eligibility, application deadline, info session…

Fellowship quote from Audrey Thiebert

Past Events

quote from a past Pulitzer event

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