Majors and Certificates

International Studies Major

The International Studies Major is an interdisciplinary program with areas of specialization in Global Security, Politics and Policy in the Global Economy, and Culture in an Age of Globalization. Students select one of these three tracks for specialization.

Each track allows students to become familiar with contemporary academic debates on global issues and to begin to engage in those debates. Globalization has never been more central to the human experience. National security, national and global economies, human rights, natural resources, sustainability, and the global flows of technology and imagery are all part of International Studies curriculum.

Regional Studies Certificates

IRIS offers undergraduate students the opportunity to develop their interest in and knowledge of specific regions of the world through regional certificate programs. Contact IRIS Advising to learn more about and declare a certificate in: African Studies, East Asian Studies, European Studies, Middle East Studies, Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies, South Asian Studies, and Southeast Asian Studies. 

Master of International Public Affairs

The Master of International Public Affairs (MIPA) degree program prepares students from the United States and around the world to engage in governance in ways that meet the challenges of globalization. MIPA graduates work in government at home and abroad, in businesses involved in the global economy, in non-governmental agencies with an international focus, and in consulting firms analyzing implications of international policies.

Global Studies Doctoral Minor

A doctoral minor in global studies will be of interest to doctoral students who plan for careers in public policy, research, and academia, as well as those interested in careers in government, media, and the private and nonprofit sectors. The minor emphasizes systemic approaches to globalization in an interdisciplinary context, thereby distinguishing itself from existing graduate course work in international studies that emphasize specialization in particular areas of the world (e.g., East Asian studies or African studies) or specific aspects of globalization (e.g., global health or global legal studies). The minor is intended to provide doctoral students with an institutional setting to pursue the study of globalization as a complement to their major degree program.