Global Partners

Global Research Symposium- Citizenship, Human Rights and Social Justice Education: Facilitating Positive Change Through Theory and Action

INEI Faculty Talks

  • Ke Lin, Beijing Normal University (BNU)
    Can Virtual Reality Foster Global Citizenship Education? A case study on a programme of VR+GCED in a Chinese high school
  • Julie McLeod, University of Melbourne
    Curriculum, internationalism and global youth citizenship – historical perspectives on contemporary aspirations
  • Suzanne Choo, Nanyang Technological University Enactments of Ethical Criticism for the Development of Cosmopolitan Dispositions: Insights from Singapore Schools
  • Kathy Bickmore, OISE, University of Toronto
    Violence is Resourcelessness: Public School Resources for Building Just, Democratic Peace
  • Hiromi Kawaguchi, Hiroshima University
    Listening to others, and listening to myself: A case study from Japan
  • Ana Paula Duboc, University of Sao Paulo
    The politics of abandonment and the threatening of education as a right
  • Hugh Starkey, UCL Institute of Education
    Children’s rights education in theory and practice
  • David Reimer, Aarhus University
    Social justice and access to higher education in Denmark: Inherent conflicts and current issues
  • Lesley Bartlett, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Graduate Student Poster Presentations on Citizenship Education, Human Rights Education, and Social Justice Education