Global Partitions Series for K-12 Educators: Brexit’s Impact Across the United Kingdom

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Join us for the second of three lectures in The Global Partitions Series for K-12 educators.

On May 11, Dr. Anna Oltman, Lecturer in Human Rights at University College, London, will present on Brexit and its larger populist impacts on Northern Ireland and across the United Kingdom.

Dr. Oltman is a lecturer and researcher in international human rights with a focus on the politics of refugees and asylum. She completed her doctoral research at the University of Wisconsin–Madison in 2020, where she taught courses on human rights, international relations, and American foreign policy. Dr. Oltman’s research is on the institutional and political sources of compliance with international human rights agreements. Her current project focuses on the individualized systems through which countries process claims to asylum, what are known as “Refugee Status Determination” procedures, and the shortcomings of individual rights claims for providing protection to vulnerable migrant communities.

This event will consist of a 45-60 presentation by Professor Oltman followed by discussion and a Q&A session.

The first 20 Wisconsin K-12 public school teachers who register for this event will receive a copy of the bookBrexit and Northern Ireland: Bordering on Confusion? by John Mair, Steven McCabe, Neil Fowler, Leslie Budd.

This event is co-sponsored by European Studies, Center for South Asia and IRIS NRC, UW-Madison.