UW-Madison Students Published in International Affairs Magazine

IRIS NRC is proud to partner with the NGO Release Peace. Release Peace works together with local communities, other NGOs, women’s rights groups, and international organizations on projects focusing on armed violence and conflict prevention. They provide our students with the opportunity to get published in an International Affairs Magazine. The majority of Release Peace’s readership works at the UN, EU, and NGOs. To learn more about Release Peace please visit their website.

Read recently published articles by UW-Madison students and alumni!

You too can get published with Release Peace! The article must be at least 1,000 words long and you will receive editorial support. Topics on International Affairs, Area Studies, History and Human Rights can be published. To learn more, reach out to Release Peace at ReleasePeace.org/magazine or email secretariat@releasepeace.org, and check out their new instagram page.